A Few Tips on Maintaining Your Motivation and Dedication to Fitness in the New Year

If you’ve been to our gym in Mt. Laurel or any of our other five locations recently, you’ve likely noticed that the new year has officially kicked off. Each year, gyms across the country are flooded with those who take up a new year’s resolution, only to drop it in a few weeks.


If you’re fighting the urge to go back to life without the gym, know that you started this journey for a reason. Whether you’re returning to the gym with the intention to stick around or just getting into fitness for a new chapter in your life, those first few weeks can make or break a habit.


Maintaining your resolution isn’t the easiest thing for most people, and there’s no shame in admitting that you aren’t as motivated to work out as you were when you first started. Even people who have maintained a regimented gym schedule for years still need a little extra push sometimes. Here are a few recommendations to keep you on track:


  • Get a personal training session – When exercisers feel they’ve plateaued or that they aren’t making progress fast enough, one of the best things they can do is turn to a professional. A personal trainer can correct any issues you may have with form, encourage you to push harder and help you understand the best exercises for your goals.
  • Take a class – A group fitness class is a massive motivator, participants form friendships and depend on one another for encouragement. A class gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill and gives you a few set times a week to make sure that you’re in the gym.
  • Get a fitness buddy – Bringing someone along for your fitness journey creates a deeper relationship, whether you bring a friend, family member or partner. Because this person is close to you, you’ll be motivated to get in the gym because you don’t want to let them down.
  • Get a check-up – The nurses at Future Fitness can monitor your health to keep you informed of the changes that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Finding out that your blood pressure has gotten better can be an extra push to keep up the good work.
  • Take pictures – Keep track of the changes in your body by taking pictures of yourself in you workout gear every few weeks, then compare them with the previous set. In a month or two, you’re likely to note some visible differences between the first set of pictures and the most recent.
  • Learn – The Internet is filled with blogs (similar to this one) about fitness. Learning more about how to workout and achieve your goals can give you another reason to get back in the gym.


Sgt. Shakyra S. Parrish stretches on a track Nov. 3 at Kadena Air Base. She considers warming up and stretching therapeutic and an essential part of running. Parrish is the supply administration chief with Consolidated Combat Camera, G-3/5, operations and training, Marine Corps Installations Pacific.


To get more tips on how to stay motivated or learn about our kickboxing classes in Cherry Hill, stop by the front desk of one of our locations or talk to a personal trainer.

What To Do When Your Significant Other Loves The Gym As Much As They Love You

Does your significant other hug the incline bench as hard as they hug you? Do they talk to the weights as often as they talk to you? Do they get worked up when they don’t work out? Do they spend more time riding the stationary bike than they do at home?


If you’re starting to feel that your significant other is having an affair with the free weights or that you’re making room in your relationship for the elliptical machine, we may have some solutions.


  • Leave chocolate cake, cheese puffs and other junk food out for them to be tempted by when they return home from a workout.
  • Tell them that they’re getting too bulky/too lean and you’re worried that their clothes won’t fit right, specifically that jacket you got them for the holidays.
  • When you snuggle up to them, tell them that their breath smells like protein powder.
  • Create a calendar that features what days they’ll be doing what workouts and for how long, schedule yourself to do something fun (girl’s night, guy’s night, watch their favorite movie) at the same times.
  • Compare their workouts to things that other friends’ partners do in a negative light.
  • Rig the bathroom scale to read 15 pounds lighter/heavier every week so that they always think that their weight is fluctuating wildly.


But let’s be real. If your partner loves the gym in Cherry Hill, or anywhere else, you should support them in that love. If you feel that your partner is working out to a degree that is unhealthy, consider talking to them about your concerns.


Of course, studies show that partners who go to the gym together are more likely to achieve their goals and develop a better, deeper relationship. Consider going with your partner to the gym or syncing up workout schedules to spend more time together. In all likelihood, they’ll appreciate sharing something they love with you and getting a chance to show off.


If that doesn’t seem feasible, you can always mix powdered laxatives in with their protein powder.


…Don’t do that either.


When you’re ready, stop by our gym in Mt. Laurel or any of our other five locations and get started spending more time with your significant other.



A Few Tips to Help You Rest Easier

There’s something about the early months of the year that make it harder to sleep. Maybe it’s all the plans you’ll be making in the forthcoming months, maybe it’s the colder weather. Whatever it is, rest is harder to come by for most this time of year.


Whether you’ve been attending our kickboxing classes in Gloucester County or just doing your own thing at our gym in Mt. Laurel, you’re going to need a good amount of sleep to get the proper recovery from your workouts.


Here are a few tips to help you get a good night’s rest.


  • Lay off alcohol before bed – While some may insist that it helps you get to sleep, a small amount will help keep you up, while a large amount will have you waking up later at night.
  • Wear socks to bed – Keeping your feet warm can help you sleep better and keep circulation up to help you stay asleep through the night.
  • Exercise regularly – You’re more likely to be tired if you’ve engaged in physical activity throughout the day. Just don’t work out too close to bedtime, since your heart rate will take a while to come down.
  • Keep cats, dogs and other animals off of the bed – As hard as it can be not to cuddle with your four-footed friends, you’ll have an easier time on your journey to slumberland if you aren’t constantly distracted by purrs or tail wagging.
  • Cut out napping – If you really need a nap, make sure it lasts no longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll be cutting into your sleep schedule, which generally means you’ll have a harder time getting rest later.
  • Try progressive muscle relaxation – Relax your muscles by tensing and then relaxing each individual body part, one at a time, from your toes to your head. This will reduce fatigue, increase blood flow and give you something to concentrate on to clear your mind.


Lastly, if you really can’t fall asleep, get out of bed and do something else that doesn’t require a lot of light. Lying in bed when you’re unable to fall asleep creates a contest of will between you and your psyche, and in most cases, your psyche wins. Get out of bed, process your thoughts and come back.


If you need a few more recommendations, schedule an appointment with one of the nurses at our gyms.


Applesauce: The Secret to Guilt-Free Baked Goods

Trying to enjoy those delicious baked goods this holiday season without all the guilt? How about substituting applesauce for vegetable oil? It not only adds moisture and flavor, but also fiber and nutrients to your holiday treats. Sure, baking with applesauce requires some experimentation, but you have to start somewhere, right?


Step 1

Replace applesauce for oil in cakes, quick breads or muffins that are already a little moist and dense. In fact, a lot of people rave about how well it works with carrot cake, chocolate cake, spice cake and gingerbread cake, along with quick bread and muffin recipes. You might not want to use this substitute with brownies, though, as it can make them too dry and crumbly. On a similar note, cookies can come out a little puffy with a cake-like texture, instead of crisp and chewy.


Step 2

Be sure to use unsweetened, unflavored applesauce as the substitute for oil; sweetened varieties, on the other hand, add more sugar. Not only can this change the texture of the baked goods, but applesauce flavored with cinnamon or other types of flavoring can change the taste.


Step 3

Using a glass measuring cup, measure ¾ the amount of oil required in your recipe. For example, if one of your recipes calls for 1 cup of oil, use ¾ cup of applesauce. But if the batter seems dry to you, then go ahead and add a tablespoon or two more.


Step 4

Lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees and decrease the cooking time by 5 to 10 minutes. Baked goods made with applesauce typically cook quicker than those that contain oil, making it easy for them to dry out. Take them out of the oven as soon as they spring back lightly when touched. Or, you can simply place a toothpick in the center of the cake; you’ll know it’s done when you can take the toothpick out with a only a few moist crumbs clinging to it.


Important Tips

Keep in mind, applesauce alters the textures and taste of baked goods and some recipes tend to respond better than others. If you’re feeling a little nervous about using applesauce as a substitute, test it out by eliminating half the oil, instead of the full amount. As long as you’re pleased with the result, you can try using less oil the next time. To substitute some of the applesauce, use it at a rate of ¾ cup for each cup of oil. For instance, if a cake recipe is calling for 4 cups of oil, decrease the oil to 2 cups and substitute 1½ cup of applesauce for the rest of the oil.


Even if you stick to your own fitness plan or participate in group exercise classes like ZUMBA®, cross-training, aquatic, yoga in Cherry Hill, NJ or anywhere else, you should always be conscious about healthy eating – especially around the holidays. Fortunately, by using applesauce as a substitute for oil, you can still enjoy the great flavor of delicious holiday treats without the all fatty consequences. Make this smart, healthy decision to stay on track and remain in great shape as you enter into the new year!


Ready to start living healthier in 2017 by joining a gym in Cherry Hill, NJ? Learn about the membership options at Future Fitness by clicking the link below:






Habits to Cut Out in Time for the New Year

Maintaining a workout regimen through the New Year is difficult. With the added burden of the holidays, more people need to work later hours, cook family meals and travel to family homes. The end-of-year festivities are undoubtedly fun, but they tend to take away from time spent in the gym. Every minute of a December workout counts for a little bit more with time stretched so thin.

Frustrated woman on exercise ball

Here are a few habits to cut out this month and in the new year to keep your regimen lean and mean.


Static Stretching

Theoretically, any stretch is a good stretch. However, static stretching may not be very beneficial. Static stretching is the act of relaxing the body and focusing on increasing the flexibility of one particular area by stressing it for a few seconds at a time. Studies have shown that dynamic stretching can be much more effective in warming up muscles, increasing stable flexibility and decreasing the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. Instead of wasting 10-20 minutes on static stretching, try some dynamic stretching and light cardio before a workout.


Focusing On One Realm of Fitness

Whether you’ve been attending our yoga classes near Haddonfield, NJ or you’ve been lifting weights at our gym in Cherry Hill, NJ, you probably know that it’s more advantageous to have a fitness plan that incorporates various types of exercise. For some, the prospect of doing cardio before or after a lift seems like asking too much; for others, getting in a light lift after a spin class can be a burden. Improving your fitness level in a meaningful way requires that you do more than one type of exercise. Mix in cardio, lift a little more or add a yoga class to your weekly routine and surpass your goals in 2017.


Going Alone

If you’ve fallen into a routine and subsequently plateaued, it can feel like you aren’t getting a lot out of your workouts. A personal trainer can help guide your exercises to be more effective so that you can spend the same amount of time in the gym, but maximize your results.


Not Having The Data

It’s no longer necessary to guess about what exercises you need to focus on to achieve your fitness goals. Our nutritionists and nurses can help you understand where your weaknesses and strengths lie on your road to fitness. There are also a number of fitness wearables out there that can help you monitor your progress.


If you’re looking for more ways to maximize your workouts, stop by the front desk of one of our six South Jersey locations and ask about receiving a free personal training session.