Begin your 180° Weight Loss Transformation at FFC

It’s been a decade since we first started our 180° Team Weight Loss Challenge at our Cherry Hill gym, and sharing this fun competition, plus its incredible results, with the rest of the Future Fitness family is long overdue.

The 180° Weight Loss Challenge is a 10-week long event where teams of 3 compete against one another to slim down and tone up. Twice a week, you and your teammates will meet for an hour to train with your coach, one of FFC’s nationally certified personal trainers.

Along with kicking your a** two times a week, your coach will give you weekly workout goals, nutritional advice and most importantly, moral support. Don’t think for a second you are going to cruise along. Email updates will be sent biweekly with team standings, as well as helpful blog posts, trainer tips and shout outs.

If you can’t find a team there is no need to be concerned. Both members and non-members are welcome to join and teams will be created with extra participants.

In a Nutshell

  • 10-week Program at all locations
  • 1-hour sessions 2x a week with your coach
  • 3 teammates per team (max. 4, only 3 weights count)
  • Weekly workout goals, nutritional advice and encouragement
  • Leaderboard updated weekly in-club
  • Biweekly email updates, tips, blogs and support

Winners & Prizes

Participants have 3 ways to win:

  • Top Team by location (Team with the highest combined weight loss in each club)
  • Biggest Percentage Loser (Greatest % of Weight lost of all participants)
  • Biggest Pounds Loser (Greatest Pounds Lost of all participants)

Fill out the form on this page to get information about our next challenge date!

Best of South Jersey