aerial yoga classes camden county

Benefits of VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga

  • Move more fluidly
  • Attain proper alignment naturally
  • Decompress the neck & spine
  • Less pressure on hands, neck, shoulders & joints
  • Achieve more advanced postures while being supported
  • Allows gravity to deepen stretches
  • Experience the benefits of inversions without risk of injury to neck or spine
  • Enhance, deepen & advance your floor practice
  • Have fun while you strengthen & lengthen

Free Aerial Yoga Classes

In VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga, at Future Fitness, a soft fabric hammock, supporting up to 1000 pounds, is suspended a few feet off the ground and is used by each person in the class to move through traditional and non-traditional Yoga poses. Used as a prop, the hammock assists alignment, deepens awareness and provides immediate benefits of spinal decompression. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported along with the help of gravity and the fabric, space is naturally created in the body without effort.

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