member fitness center bonuses

At Future Fitness we are dedicated to offering the best amenities, equipment, classes, programs and professional staff, to help our members reach their fitness goals.

Free Personal Training

Future Fitness offers all members 1 hour of free personal training per member, per month in all of our 6 locations. Our nationally certified personal trainers work with you, one on one, as you systematically change programs every month.

Personal Training programs are designed based on 9 variables:

  1. Age
  2. Bone structure
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Particular goals
  5. Medical history
  6. Gender
  7. Strength
  8. Results of fitness evaluation
  9. Doctor's input and recommendations

Free Medical Monitoring

Nurses work in our clubs and play a key role in monitoring your health. Every month, for free, they monitor your heart and circulatory system, measure and weigh you, and chart your percentage of body fat. They use computer estimates to determine your body age, which decreases month to month, as your other fitness components improve. These benefits are all provided free of charge.

Free Nutritional Counseling

Our nutritionists help you with your nutritional program. Proper nutrition is an essential complement to exercise for high energy, and lasting health.

Over 85 Free Group Fitness Classes

Awarded with the “Best of the Best” Fitness Classes in 2015, Future Fitness members can take advantage of over 85 free group fitness classes per week. We have classes galore – ranging from classic group fitness staples such as yoga, step, aqua, kickboxing, toning, and spinning, to the hottest new fitness crazes such as ZUMBA, Pilates, Body Sculpt, POUND!, Insanity, TurboKick and more!

Variety of Equipment – 12 Different Lines

Any slight change in angle of movement will work new muscle fiber, raising basal metabolism, improving coordination and increasing the hardness of the muscle group being worked. When we continually work the same muscle fiber by doing the same movements over and over, the body adapts and progress ceases. Change is essential for visible results, which is why Future Fitness Centers offers 12 different lines of the newest technology in cardiovascular and toning equipment. No two pieces of toning equipment are the same on our exercise floors, there’s plenty of opportunity to switch up your routine to avoid plateauing.

Gym Saltwater Pools

Each Future Fitness Center has a saltwater swimming pool on premise. We provide saltwater pools in all of our clubs to better cater to the health of our members; saltwater pools are better for your skin and hair, and also lack the harmful chemicals present in traditional chlorine pools. Members can take aquatics classes, walk, swim, use water weights and taking swimming lessons in every one of our South Jersey gyms!