Future Fitness Centers Mission

Our mission is to continue actively seeking out, motivating, and galvanizing people who are genuinely results-oriented and who wish to maximize their time and effort pursuing fitness with a fun, clean, non-intimidating, scientific approach.

To that end, for 19 years, we have been offering the combination of services, technology, education, equipment variety and professionals no fitness centers in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or anywhere else has ever attempted.

For all of this to benefit our members, they must have the seeds of success when they first come to us:
  • They must have goals that are real.
  • They must have no more excuses for the purpose of avoiding success.
  • They must hold themselves and only themselves accountable regarding this personal responsibility.
  • They must be aware enough and care enough to appreciate, for the first time, doing fitness right, with much more service, much more variety, education and monitoring in a non-intimidating environment.