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Research Discovers that Exercises Builds the Brain: “Musclehead” Takes on New Meaning!

We all know that exercise builds muscles, but newly released scientific research indicates that it may also build the brain – literally! A team at the University of Edinburgh followed more than 600 people who were 70 years old at the time the study began. The subjects provided details on their daily physical, mental and social activities.

Three years later, using imaging scans, the scientists found that the subjects who engaged in the most physical exercise had less shrinkage and damage in the brain’s white matter – the “wiring” of the brain’s communication system. The relationship remained even after factoring for such variables as age, health, social class and I.Q.

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Common Sense Exercise Tips

If you’re considering starting a workout routine and have reached this blog for some advice, congratulations! If you’ve recently joined Future Fitness and want to be sure you have every advantage in keeping your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, here are five simple tips:

1. Consult a fitness professional – Have a professional assessment to determine what types of exercise will be most beneficial. You may learn that following a program based on aerobics or resistance training will get you where you want to go. You’ll also learn the areas in which you need the most attention, and how to avoid injury.

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Reach the Next Level of Fitness with Cross Training

Ready to take your workout program to the next level? Cross training can produce numerous significant benefits ranging from preventing burnout to improving overall fitness.

Cross training refers to a training routine that includes several different forms of exercise. It’s common to settle on one particular workout program when you begin a fitness regimen, but a lack of variation over time can lead to boredom (which means you may lose interest and stop exercising), and causes you to plateau at a certain fitness level.

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Add More Life to Your Later Years with Exercise

People are living well into their eighth or ninth decade, but not necessarily in the good health they assumed advances in medical science would make possible. Fortunately, a recent study has found that starting an exercise program in mid-life can help you stay healthier and more fit through old age, so you can really enjoy those additional years.

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From Swimsuits to Snowsuits Already – Keeping Fit Through the Holiday Season

It seems we were just gearing up our workout routine for swimsuit season, and now summer is ending. Because the holiday season seems to start earlier every year, it isn’t too soon to make a plan for keeping fit during the fall/winter festival of food and over-indulgence. Fortunately, if you’re a Future Fitness member, our instructors can give you the best advice in the industry on modifying your schedule to accommodate extra demands on your time, and recommending new exercises to help you continue achieving great results.

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