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Tips to help keep your fitness and diet on track during Easter or Passover

If you observe Easter or Passover then you know all too well about the food temptations associated with these holidays. Here are tips from people on Facebook on how to keep your fitness plan on track.

– Eat the eggs before they are deviled!

– I look at the holidays as a challenge that if I make up my mind and prepare they are not hard to get through. First determine what you are going to eat at each meal, there is always something served that you can have as part of your Lean and Green.

– Substitutions – mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes, steamed green beans not green bean casserole, I adjusted my cheese ball recipe so I could be ok with the results. Last thanksgiving and Christmas this worked. Today weighed in with a loss of 65.4 lbs. Love my partner; we have a great coach!!

Go in with a PLAN!

– Don’t allow yourself to go off plan bc this is a “special” day – life is full of “special days” and you can treat this day like any other. Plan ahead, get your water in, & as Michelle stated..don’t get caught being hungry. Once you get through the day, you’ll be empowered to tackle other holidays and special days. You’ve got this!

– Observe the holiday for what it is. It’s not about the food. And, being appreciative about all we have.
And I agree with above comments, don’t be caught hungry! Eat every 3 hrs.

– Make up your mind and ask for strength and you shall receive.

– When you are with family or friends and there are lots of off-plan foods around, just remember that is about the love, not about the food. You don’t have to get drunk as a skunk or stuffed like a turkey to know you had a good time!!!

– Planning ahead is the key for me. I make a plan and stick to it. Focusing on the relationships and other joys instead of on the food makes me happier than the food ever did.

– get to the gym!

– keep your EYE on the PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Be the cook . . . then you can control the menu

– Your body keeps track 24/7. There are no holidays for healthy habits. Make new traditions. Honor your body.
– Fail to plan. Then plan to fail! I’ve lost 89 lbs so far and planning is key! Plan to not get hungry, plan to eat every 2-3 hrs , plan to drink plenty of water.

– It’s ok to go off track for 1 day!!! Just keep the time thing going!!! Eat every 2-3 hrs!!! Never get super hungry!!! Getting back on track is easy. Life is too short to stress over a bar or shake!!

Make Your Workout a Priority

When life starts getting crazy, it’s usually your workout that gets pushed aside. However, going to the gym is one thing that should permanently be on your weekly schedule. Here are some ways for you to make sure working out doesn’t suffer during a time crunch:

Set a specific time- and commit: It’s easy to forget to workout. You have a crazy day and then you’re tired and ready for sleep. Set specific times each week for going to the gym or health club. Use alarms, post-it notes or other reminder method to help you commit to working out. By prioritizing your workout high on your “to do list” you’ll fit other commitments around your gym time instead of letting it fill up with last minute emergencies.

Get a workout buddy: Whether it’s a spouse, friend or someone you meet at the gym, having a workout buddy is a great way for them to help you make time for exercise. It’s easier to keep a Stair Climber than a friend waiting at the gym! Your workout buddy can motivate you and help push you out the door.

Use a Variety of Equipment: using a variety of equipment is essential for even development, coordination and continued progress, but it also makes working out interesting and fun. Additionally, muscle confusion, which results from using different equipment, is equally important to avoid plateaus.

Find a convenient gym: The best of intentions can be sidetracked by traffic, bad road conditions or just a long drive to the gym. Find a gym that’s close to your home, school and/or work so that getting there will be one less excuse. Future Fitness has seven convenient locations in Mt. Laurel, two in Cherry Hill, Turnersville, Berlin, Mullica Hill and Medford.

It’s a great stress reliever: Working out is good for mind as well as your body. The fitness center is a great place to reduce stress. Some people take out their stress actively with free weights, the treadmill or a Spinning class. Others like to release tension with Yoga or Pilates classes. Either way, you can leave you stress at the gym.

Exercise should not feel like a chore or something done infrequently. Review your priorities and set aside time each week to improve your physical and mental health at the same time. Sign up for a FREE 2 week pass!

Can’t Reach Your Fitness Goals? Try a Fitness Calendar

Personal TrainingResolving to shape up and build a better body in 2013 was the first step. Actually exercising and eating right is what gets you results. If you are having trouble reaching health and fitness goals, then creating a fitness calendar may be just the thing you need!

A fitness calendar can help you define your fitness goals, plan your workouts according to your schedule, and help you to fit exercise into your daily routine. Editors note: After reading this blog post, if you think a fitness calendar is not enough to help you achieve fitness goals then it may be time to look in to a personal trainer. It’s more affordable than you think and a personal traininer gets results. Visit our Personal Training section to learn more.

Fitness Calendar Steps:

1. How do you currently plan your time? Whether you use a calendar on your computer or smart phone or purchase a calendar or planner that you use specifically for fitness, decide where and how you want to schedule your workouts. You may also want to create a separate chart to track things like nutrition, body weight, and inches lost so that you can regularly track your success.

2. Come up with a summarized exercise plan. Make sure that you include a variety of workout options including cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and exercise programs such as yoga, swimming or stretching that can help you improve your flexibility.

3. Block out days on your calendar. Consider your personal workout preferences. Do you like working out in the morning? Or does a time later in the day better fit your daily routine? Commit yourself to doing your pre-planned workouts each day.

4. Be sure to vary your workouts. A good fitness plan should include a balance of stretching, toning, and aerobic activities. Be sure to schedule at least two days of resistance training and three days of cardio exercise. If you need help creating a workout plan, consult with a Future Fitness personal trainer for advice.

5. Goals and tracking. Whether it’s losing weight, increasing reps, or extending the duration of each workout, create a monthly goal for yourself and note it at the end of each month.

6. Reward yourself! Praising yourself will help make your goals more attainable and ensure that you stick with your new fitness plan. Plan a special day out after meeting your goals, buy yourself a new pair of jeans – choose something that will motivate you to push yourself to finish.

If you think a fitness calendar is not enough to help you achieve fitness goals then it may be time to look in to a personal trainer. It’s more affordable than you think and a personal traininer gets results. Visit our Personal Training section to learn more.

Make Working Out a Reason to Party with Zumba Fitness

A great exercise program that’s more like a party than work seems too good to be true. But those who’ve discovered the Zumba Fitness® phenomenon enjoy numerous health and fitness benefits – while thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process!

Developed by Alberto “Beto” Perez in the mid-‘90s, this Latin-inspired dance-fitness program blends Latin and world-music beats, choreographed to allow people of any fitness level or dance experience to get a beneficial workout they’ll love. The Zumba program has grown to become the world’s largest – and most successful – dance-fitness program, with weekly classes held in more 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries.

Although it may initially look like a typical aerobics class, Zumba has a distinctly party vibe, from the coin-bangled hip skirts to the Latin and hip-hop dance club music and the high-energy instructors who lead the festivities.

This fun and effective program uses interval training that combines fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout, while at the same time targeting your legs, abs, glutes and arms. The dance moves aid in strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen, while also strengthening pelvic muscles – which helps prevent back pain.

As with any cardiovascular workout, the benefits of Zumba can include calorie burn, increased aerobic threshold, more stamina, increased bone density, improved balance and muscle tone, less body fat, and lower blood pressure.

As a fat-buster, Zumba is choreographed to provide alternating intervals of low and high intensity levels in both the pace of music and type of movements. This helps you burn more calories in each workout – typically 400 to 600 per hour, depending on individual physical factors. Fitness moves are also incorporated in Zumba classes, so you could find yourself moving from a fast merengue beat to a slow set of push-ups on the wall.  To promote flexibility and reduce muscle strain, warm-ups and cool-downs are a regular part of the Zumba program.

But Zumba’s fun factor is what keeps people coming back week after week. The lively music and upbeat mood encourage participants to forget their inhibitions and get caught up in the moment. Zumba’s inclusive spirit is another big appeal, with specialty sessions geared toward baby boomers, and Aqua Zumba for those who favor a low-impact workout with a pool-party atmosphere.

The best way to find out what Zumba is all about is to experience it for yourself. Sign up today for a free Zumba class at your favorite Future Fitness location. In this case, what seems too good to be true really IS true!